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Preventative maintenance visits reduce burglar alarm repairs

Regular annual or biannual maintenance visits are crucial in our business to proactively prevent any potential burglar alarm repairs. Regardless of whether your burglar alarm system is a straightforward audible-only system or a sophisticated remotely monitored system, whether installed by us or another company, scheduled servicing is necessary to comply with the relevant British standards.

Consistent, scheduled maintenance not only minimises the likelihood of burglar alarm repairs but may also be a requirement in your home or business insurance documents, especially for all remotely monitored installations.

What to expect with our maintenance service agreements

During the maintenance visit, the intruder alarm system undergoes a comprehensive examination, including testing devices, the control panel/keypad, and batteries, to ensure proper functioning. Without effective maintenance, even the highest-quality equipment will degrade over time. Any emerging faults are addressed on-site if possible, and if needed, a follow-up visit is scheduled.

A critical aspect of the inspection involves a meticulous checklist covering physical fixings, potential loosening, corrosion, cabling, and the operation of all devices. These areas are often the primary causes of false alarms and faults leading to necessary burglar alarm repairs. Standby batteries, including those in external sounders, are checked and replaced as needed. Regular attention to these components is essential for optimal performance.

Alarmco is a fully accredited burglar alarm repairs and maintenance company, subject to regular inspections by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board). This ensures that all our services adhere to the highest standards and comply with British regulations, providing our customers with confidence in our expertise.

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Another valuable aspect of our burglar alarm repairs and maintenance service is the accessibility of our 24-hour customer service contact line, ensuring a guaranteed response to faults within 4 hours for all contracted customers. Our engineers come fully equipped with the necessary spares and tools, aiming to address issues on the initial visit and minimising any potential system downtime. This commitment enhances our customer support and contributes to the reliability of the burglar alarm systems we service.

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