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Roller shutter doors stand unparalleled in providing security for rooms housing large sums of money or high-value items, offering robust protection. Additionally, these shutters prove to be an effective measure in preventing the spread of fires.

At Alarmco, we have a wealth of experience installing fire and security systems, including roller shutter doors, across various business properties. Our installations span diverse sectors such as clubs, bars, restaurants, schools, academies, retail shopping centers, financial services organisations, and many more.

Our security roller shutter doors, both external and internal, undergo testing and installation in accordance with EN13241-1:2003 British industry standards. We offer a wide range of roller shutters, catering to different functions and aesthetic preferences that seamlessly integrate with your property.

Fire Resistant Roller Shutter Doors
Installed in places like kitchens and cafeterias, these are one of the most effective ways in reducing the damage caused by smoke and fire if one happens to break out. Our fire protection experts work with you to ensure the right fire shutter is installed for the job, and that it fits in with the decor too.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements, speak to one of our fire and security experts today on 01752 262562. For some light reading, The Fire Safety Order 2005 specifies UK business requirements for roller shutter doors, but don’t worry if you haven’t got time, it’s our job to know this inside out.




Maintenance servicing agreements are a simple and straightforward way to ensure your roller shutter doors continue to provide the highest level of protection, reducing any downtime of the system that leaves your business property vulnerable.

Maintenance Agreements:

  • Continued safe daily use of roller shutter doors
  • Increased operational life expectancy of the shutters
  • Extended warranties with regular maintenance visits
  • Signed off inspections that comply with legislation

Here at Unique, we have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have, we’ll always give impartial advice and provide you with a full design, installation and maintenance service agreement ensuring all the relevant legal requirements for roller shutter doors are accurately covered.

Product Information

1.  Continental Steel Shutter
A close brother to the traditional roller shutter with the same robust performance. These types of shutters are ideal for retail shop fronts, offices and warehouse units, as they come with colour changeable head boxes and guide systems as standard.

Key product information:

  • Available in electric or manual operation
  • Classic steel roller shutter with scrolled slat
  • Can be powder coated in any RAL/BS colours
  • Comes with a white or brown head box and guides

Continental Steel Shutters are suited for the following:

  • Overall width is no greater than 6000mm
  • Blending the colour into your surroundings
  • Traditional steel shutter preferred over aluminium
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2.  Aluminium Roller Grille
The new generation of internal German roller grille has very tight coiling with alternative link patterns and spacing giving outstanding light transmission.

Key product information

  • Medium security for retail / office / commercial applications
  • Width of up to 5000mm (subject to appropriate application)
  • Can be powder coated in a choice of colours if required
  • 150mm or optional 75mm vertical link spacing
  • Solid slats can be added to further enhance security

Aluminium Roller Grille Shutters are suited for the following:

  • A roller shutter that offers maximum vision in use
  • A roller shutter for secure internal use only
  • An attractive alternative to traditional shutters
  • The overall width isn’t greater than 5000mm

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