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Public Address Systems

Suppliers and installers of Public Address Systems


Alarmco specialises in the design, installation, and maintenance of various Public Address Systems (PA Systems or Tannoy Systems) across Devon and Cornwall. Whether you need a straightforward standalone system or a fully integrated setup with features like CCTV, Access Control, or Fire Alarms, we’ve got you covered.

Based locally in Poole, Dorset, our services extend throughout Devon and Cornwall, catering to diverse applications. Public Address Systems in this region benefit from their wide range of uses, from simple implementations in local facilities like doctor’s surgeries to more complex setups in places like international airports.

Our expertise includes linking different buildings on larger sites, facilitating effective communication through Public Address Systems. We are experienced in leveraging existing IT networks, allowing for audio transmission over an IP network. This capability enables seamless connectivity between remote sites in Devon and Cornwall, operating as if they were part of the same location.

We install Public Address Systems for the following business properties:

  • Schools / Universities
  •  Shopping Centres
  •  Supermarkets
  •  Office Buildings
  •  Public Buildings


Service maintenance agreements will prolong the life of Public Address Systems. Our trained and experienced engineers will ensure the system is in full working condition, with a checkpoint inspection completed at each visit. We usually recommend annual or bi-annual inspections depending on the size of the integrated system.

At Alarmco we have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have, we’ll always give impartial advice and provide you with a full design, installation and maintenance service agreement ensuring all the relevant legal requirements for Public Address Systems is accurately covered.

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