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Emergency Exit Lighting

Emergency Exit Lighting to comply with British Standards


Emergency exit lighting systems are a legal requirement for businesses, automatically activating during a major power outage to provide sufficient illumination for safe evacuation. In new constructions, architects specify the design and equipment type according to Building Regulations and local authority mandates.

At Unique, we not only install these systems in new buildings but also retrofit them into existing premises. If you’ve recently undergone a fire safety risk assessment or need to schedule one, we’re here to assist.

Rest assured that with Unique, your emergency exit lighting:

  • Is installed based on a comprehensive fire safety risk assessment.
  • Complies with current standards for emergency lighting installation.
  • Adheres to current standards for emergency lighting products.
  • Meets current standards for emergency lighting servicing.

For a discussion about your requirements, contact one of our fire and security experts today at 01752 262562. If you’re interested in some light reading, The Fire Safety Order 2005 outlines UK business requirements for emergency lighting systems. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to delve into it; it’s our responsibility to be well-versed in these regulations.

Maintenance & Repair

To comply with current safety regulations for businesses in the UK, it’s essential to have a regular service agreement for emergency exit lighting systems. This ensures thorough annual testing, guaranteeing the activation of illumination during a power outage. Unfortunately, emergency exit lights are often not adequately maintained, leading to issues such as damage, water leaks, or wire failures. For customers in Devon, Cornwall  and surrounding areas, we specialize in emergency exit light repair—reach out to us today.

At Alarmco, we possess the knowledge and experience to address any questions you may have. We are committed to providing impartial advice and offering a comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance service agreement to accurately cover all relevant legal requirements for emergency lighting.

For more information on our servicing options, visit Emergency Lighting Maintenance.

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Technical Information

  1. Standby lighting is crucial for businesses where uninterrupted operations are essential, regardless of a mains power failure. While not always part of our emergency lighting system installs, its necessity depends entirely on the specific needs of the business. Unlike emergency escape lighting, standby lighting is not legally mandated and is tailored to the unique requirements of each business.

    On the other hand, emergency escape lighting is a vital component of a building’s fire safety provision, mandated by the Fire Safety Order 2005. It serves the purpose of providing illumination for the safety of people leaving the premises or to facilitate the halt of potentially dangerous work activities before evacuation.

    Emergency escape lighting is further categorised into three types:

    1. Escape Route Lighting: Ensures that a means of escape can be effectively identified and safely used during a major power outage.

    2. Open Area Lighting (Anti-panic Lighting): Minimizes panic and provides sufficient illumination for occupants to reach a place where an escape route can be identified.

    3. High-Risk Task-Area Lighting: Ensures the safety of individuals involved in potentially dangerous work activities or situations. This lighting aids in completing shut-down procedures, and prioritising the safety of the workforce and others in the building.

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